The folks in my kitchen

This blog is reminiscing of my old life. Although I no longer consider myself a chef, I however love cooking and love eating even more.

My children refuse to eat fast food dinner like most normal family, they expect a home cook meal or will take leftovers rather than take a trek to the nearest fast food joint. My younger daughter Nikki has finally, at fourteen taken an interest in cooking(thank God). Her first cake from scratch and without a recipe was lets say a bit 'flat out', I had to inform her a recipe his mandatory if you are a novice. Unlike Mom who has baked over a hundred cakes and has many recipes memorized. she was not fazed by this episode and decided a recipe is a good thing to use. I would love to post a picture of her cake, but as this is my first post I don't think this would be appropriate, maybe in a few days :-)

What's cooking in Miz Reese's kitchen

My cooking style tends to simple and healthy, sometimes I tell myself that I am a vegetarian and goes through a faze. not to the pleasure of my older daughter Phil, that thinks she needs meat to survive. My husband he is a cool cat, he loves my cook and is usually satisfy with my many experiments.

Today I had a longing for bok choy, one of my favorite vegetables. It is done in a simple simple style of steam with :

3 cups cut up bok choy

1tbsp olive oil

2tbsp soy sauce(I used Braggs Amino)

i small onion chopped into small pieces

1/8 tsp chili pepper

1/2 green pepper chopped into small pieces

2 tbsp water

Combine all ingredients in a pot and steam at medium heat 5 mins, turn heat down to low and continue cooking for 8 mins.

Two chicken was easily cut into 1 inch cubes, seasoned with thyme,crushed garlic, basil,pinch of kosher salt. pinch of cayenne pepper an a table spoon of soy sauce, sauteed with 1tbsp of olive oil until cooked through.

Excellent with basmati rice


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