My Obsessions

Everyone has issues and I am no different from them. I seem to concentrate more on my weight and on my internet business, why these two things and not two others? I am still trying to figure it out. There are a lot more important thing going on in my life but, for some reason these two takes presidency.

my weight issue began when I had gotten really sick and went from a size 6 to a 14 and that was a shocker for me. I cannot accept myself at this weight because I don't recognize myself. So, it has been a up hill battle. Over the years I have developed some bad eating habits such as, eating carbs at night, eating cakes and cookies, more than I need to and have control of my portion size. I am a sugarholic.

Now, with my internet business, I have a thing for being successful in whatever I do. I rarely quit anything I start and I work day and night for success. My motto is "you get what you put in". Where much is put out then, much is receive. I am obsessed about gaining a certain amount of success, maybe this stems from childhood where I grew up among some very wealthy folks and we weren't wealthy. I just had a father that worked hard and was smart with how he spent money. I always said, I wanted that kind of freedom and I wanted that security and I strive for that. Even now it is the hardest thing for me to work for some like a nine to five , that's not internet business,in me. I like to make my own schedules and write my own paycheck according to that schedule. Nothing beats self employment.


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