My cake decorating journey

I decided that I wanted to learn to art of cake decorating so, I signed for Wilton's decorating classes.The class started out with the basis, teaching about icing and basic cake making. Then, they went on to teach how to use the piping bag to make different pattern and how to make a rose.
This was what gave me a bit of a problem as my roses where looking more and more like cabbages. But, with some practice at home they began looking more and more like how a rose should look. The first class went on four went and for one night at 2 1/2 hours each night. The class was lively and our instructor very friendly.
For our finally exam we had to decorate a simple cake using the decorating knowledge we had learnt. My cake was a rainbow cake which didn't have a lot of intricate patterns or piping involved. I did pass the the class although I can't say my cake was professional looking but, it was a good first try, I will only get better from now on.
The writing could have been a bit better!!


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