What's cooking in Reesa's kitchen

It's been on of those days where you wonder what will be cooking in Reesa'a kitchen. Well, I decided that it was a good day to sautee some chicken and get out the pasta. I have be trying to hold off on pasta for a while, but being a carb-olic makes it darn impossible. So, I have decided to reduce my portions, which has been very hard. Because I love my cooking, it's tasty, very flavorful, where the flavors marry and produce a tantalizing taste to the tongue makes me more than i should. Or, that's what I tell myself.
Well, today I got out a lovely organic chicken breast and seasoned it with my favorite blend of seasons. I t hen, placed the chicken covered, into the refrigerator for two hours. later when I was ready to cook I removed it from the fridge and began sauteing in coconut oil. This
 oil is my choikce of oil since it is a medium fatty chain oil, much healthier. I then sauteed vegetables and seve the chicken with pasta and parmesan cheese.
Dispite my burnt fry pan dinner was a hit. the hubster enjoyed his bit, which he always do. Such a gentleman. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in another post.


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