Changing Your Decor for Summer

When winter finally step through the door of last season, it is always a celebration  to bring the warmer weather in. With this warm weather comes the feeling of  revitalization, energy and rebirth. This is when you shedule in time to go through the the things you have accumilated over the pass season and purge the unneccesary items. Donate them to someone that has an immediae use for them.
It is also a time to change out your decor for things that will lift your mood from the pass gloomy months of winter. Put away the flannel sheets and take out the soft colorful cotton ones. Trade in your throws and cushions or lighter versions and don't forget flowers transform any space.
One thing that changes every season and sometimes twice for the season is my table scape. I love beautiful colorful things, but I am also frugal. Having money smarts is what I endorse. Therefore, saving is one of my priorities whenever it's time to spend. This leads me to my Summer Tablescape.
I endorse colors, I just love them. I would not be able to survive long in a plain beige monochromatic space, I would shiver.

For this year I have choosen to go with a multicolor theme on the dining table Most of the items I used were purchased at the dollar store; Dollar Tree to be exact.  The center piece was done with a galvanised vase and flowers; which was easy to accomplish. On one of my visits to Home Sense I found a set of four star shaped bowls that were ideal to work with the summer theme.
Overall, the look I was aiming for was accomplished.

Summer Table Scape


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