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Getting the Brussel sprouts done

The Sprouts
Yesterday like any other day I sat wondering what my vegetable of the day should be. I thought of doing carrots, but that's an everyday occurrence. I usually make a carrot, celery and spinach drink in the mornings so I wasn't excited about having it for supper. I, then remember the brussels sprout sitting the cooler that no one want. I for one love the little sprouts and so does my hubby. The children however have declared that they hate brussels sprout and there is nothing I can do to them that will change their minds.
So, I decided and against the children's wishes I MADE THE SPROUTS.
I simple sauteed a handful of sliced mushroom and chopped onion until tender and golden. I then added the Brussels sprout and cover the sauce pan so as to build up steam. I turned the stove down to medium low and added salt and pepper to taste. If there is not enough liquid in the pot add about 2-3 tablespoon water, cook until tender, but crunchy.
The verdict, one child ate tw…